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Salt Lake City Boiler Repair and Installation Services

If you need boiler repair in Salt Lake City, chances are good that you need it in a hurry. In both homes and commercial buildings, boilers work by sending hot water or steam through a series of pipes and, often, radiators, to heat rooms. These systems are generally quite reliable, and they have the advantage of being more efficient in regard to energy costs than forced air systems, but boiler repairs can be complicated and usually require professional expertise.

At All Hours Plumbing, our trained and certified technicians know boilers inside and out and can spot, diagnose and correct a variety of problems quickly. We can also complete full boiler installation jobs if your system is too old or too far gone to be replaced. It gets cold enough in the Salt Lake City area that having a warm and comfortable building during the winter months is vital for health and safety.

Symptoms that Require Boiler Repairs

  • No Heat Throughout System: If you’re boiler system stops providing heat, you will notice right away. There can be many reasons for this problem, but one of the most common is related to the system’s power supply being compromised. There can also be low water levels and a malfunctioning thermostat. Alternatively, there can be issues with the ignition system and, for older systems, the pilot light. In the case of older systems, we might suggest new boiler installation. This can increase efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and lead to more even heating.
  • Some Radiators Stop Providing Heat: If some radiators are working in your home or commercial building but others are not, the situation could be related to trapped air within the system. This issue means dealing with high heat and complicated pressure situations, so it’s best to call for help from a professional technician. Alternatively, the problem could be an issue with the circulator or a faulty zone valve.
  • Water Leakage: If you find water around your unit or connecting pipes, it’s important to plan for boiler repair right away, and Salt Lake City customers are eligible for around-the-clock service. Leakage can mean something simple like a problem with the pipe connection, but could also be a problem related to the pressure relief valve or circulator pump.
  • Noisy Boiler and Radiators: This is a common problem that can be overlooked because you simply get used to the obnoxious banging sounds. However, it’s best for the health of your system to get it checked out. The issues could be a faulty circulator or water trapped in the return lines. For older systems, which are often on the noisy side, new broiler installation could be the best option.
  • Carbon Monoxide Emissions: Many boiler systems in Salt Lake City are powered by natural gas, and if they break they can release harmful carbon monoxide. This odorless, invisible gas can kill, so every building that includes a boiler should have the appropriate detectors installed. If your alarm goes off, leave the building and call for emergency help, especially if anyone in the building is feeling queasy. Then, after the fire department has cleared the building, call for help.

Whether you need boiler installation in Salt Lake City, boiler repairs or regular maintenance checks for your system, All Hours Plumbing has the expertise to get the job done correctly and on time. Call for 24-hour service at (801) 335-9400.

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