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Boiler Repair and Installation in Sandy, Utah

In addition to our 24-hour plumbing services, All Hours Plumbing has trained and experienced technicians ready to diagnose and complete boiler repair in the Sandy, Utah, area. Our abilities include fixing problems with ignition systems, circulators, valves and pumps and diagnosing problems with water pipes and radiators and more.

Your system could require repairs if:

    • It is not producing heat
    • Only some radiators are putting out heat
    • There is water leakage or rust around the unit
    • There is excess noise and banging in the radiator pipes
    • There are dangerous carbon monoxide emissions
    • And more

If you need boiler installation, trust All Hours Plumbing in Sandy, Utah, to get the job done right. First, we can help you decide if your existing boiler system should be repaired or if it is due for replacement. In case you need complete boiler installation, we have the capability to read blueprints, set up assemblies and safely weld plates under pressure. Furthermore, we are familiar with all the design and fabrication codes for all boiler systems, so you won’t have to pay us to learn on the job.

We might recommend installation of a new boiler system if you:

  • Have an outdated and inefficient steam boiler system, especially one with a continually burning pilot light
  • Have an all-electric system, which can lead to high energy costs despite increased efficiency
  • Have an oversized boiler for your building
  • Your boiler was retrofitted from a coal-burning unit
  • The condition of the metal inside the boiler is rusty and degraded
  • Steam return pipes are leaking and are beyond repair
  • Boiler repair costs, in addition to lost energy, would exceed costs of new installation

Whether your system is of the new, highly efficient variety or is an older one that uses steam and cast iron radiators, regular maintenance is important. In fact, having it checked out regularly and serviced by a professional can mean you need fewer repairs and could even delay the need for new boiler installation. Our checks exceed recommendations from the U.S. Dept. of Energy for regular maintenance.

For hot water boiler systems, a complete checkup will include:

  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Pressure tank inspection to check air and water levels
  • High limit control testing
  • Pressure relief valve testing
  • Emissions testing

For older steam systems, our yearly maintenance checks will include:

  • Checking heat exchange efficiency
  • Draining water to remove sediment buildup in the boiler
  • Preventing low-water cutoff and sediment clogs by draining the float chamber
  • Controlling corrosion and deposits by analyzing boiler water and adding necessary chemicals
  • Cleaning the heat exchanger

If you have a boiler system in your home, an apartment complex you manage, your office building or other public building, you are already receiving the benefits of lower energy costs, more even heat distribution than you would get with a forced air furnace system, lower maintenance costs and fewer repairs. However, these systems are often more complicated than other heating systems and have hot water and steam under pressure. Furthermore, leaks can lead to corrosion throughout your piping system and can cause further problems throughout the building.

We recommend heating system checkups annually, and if you do this you can usually prevent the need for unexpected boiler repairs or replacement. Whether you need an inspection and maintenance check or are experiencing emergency heating problems, we invite you to call us in our Sandy, Utah, office at any time of day or night. We can be reached by calling (801) 335-9400.

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