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Healthier Water with Our Salt Lake City Water Treatment Services

Good drinking water makes our lives easier. For those of us in Utah, we’re lucky to have a drinkable water source. Is our water supply perfect? Of course not. But it could be better if you live in Salt Lake City, Orem, Park City, or Sandy. Contact All Hours Plumbing for thorough water treatment systems for your home or business. We will take your good water and make it even better.

We specialize in residential and commercial water treatment systems, including iron filters, acid neutralizers, chlorinators, ultraviolet sterilizers, and ozone systems. We not only sell water treatment systems, but our technicians also have extensive experience in water treatment system installations and repairs. If any part of your water treatment is acting up or you’d just like a purer water supply, call us today.

We will start by testing your water supply. After we analyze the results, we’ll discuss the right water treatment system for you, based on your needs and your budget. Once we make our recommendations and you make your decision, we’ll get to work on making your water be the best it can be!

Getting Started

Finding the perfect water filter can be a complex process if you don’t know what you are doing. Of course, you can stop by a local hardware store and pick up a product you know a little about, but will it be the right filter for your home or business? Here are some questions our technicians will help you work through:

    • Do I need a drinking water filter for the kitchen sink, or should I be getting a filter for the whole house?
    • If I want to remove fluoride from my water, will any filtration system work? Or do I need a filter specifically made to remove fluoride?
    • Where can I find a filter with a bottle-less cooler for my office? Which is the best type of water cooler?
    • Which filters are the most environmentally friendly?
    • I’ve got equipment at work that requires de-ionized water. What is that?

All Hours Plumbing has a variety of purification systems to meet your specific needs. But even more importantly, we are trained professionals ready to help determine which type of water treatment equipment is needed for your particular application. From improving the drinking water in your home or office to designing custom systems for intricate commercial applications, All Hours Plumbing can provide the equipment, install it, and service it.

So for all of your water treatment needs, call us. We’re the local water treatment experts in Salt Lake City, Sandy, Orem, and Park City!

Benefits of Water Treatment

  • Better-tasting water: Water filters remove bacterial contaminates and chlorine from your drinking water, which leads to a cleaner taste.
  • Cheaper than buying bottled water: Why buy bottled water when a countertop filter provides cleaner water for less money?
  • Cleaner water: There are approximately 2,100 known toxins that may be present in drinking water. A filter is the last line of defense before the water goes in your cup.
  • Reduce the chance of health problems: Drinking contaminated water has been connected to colon cancer, among other health problems.
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